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Updated: May 20, 2020

Early last week, we sat down with Ayinde Bomani, College of the Canyons' Running Back Coach and Founder of Run 2 Daylight Running Back Academy - one of SoCal's best known speed & agility camps. Having worked with 50+ Division 1 athletes, he knows what it takes to go D1. The open dialogue we shared is documented in our very first podcast episode aptly titled 'Training the Future of D1'.

His recently launched online course, will send your juke development into another stratosphere. This is a fantastic alternative for anyone who can't get to his weekly camp or private live in-person sessions. And with COVID-19 being a very real and present danger, this affordable workout option is one you and your teammates can do from home to keep your D1 dream alive while safely social distancing.

In the video below, he discusses its features, benefits and direct access. We also touch on the phenom JJ Taylor, University of Arizona Running Back, 2020 NFL Prospect and the course inspired by their 1-on-1 training sessions.

Run 2 Daylight Online is Division One training for Division One Athletes:

The second half of our conversation on JJ Taylor and proving coaches wrong can be seen here:

The Future of D1® is the future of the NFL. Full interview is available on Spotify,


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