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Only DAWGS Allowed

Updated: May 20, 2020

Division One football is a land where only dawgs are allowed.

If you're a DB, know a #DB, parent, #coach or train a DB, make it a point to tune-in to our interview with Victor Rogers of The DB LAB. If #FIXMYDB were a person, it would undoubtedly be him. You better know a dawg when you see one and Coach Vic's bark lets you know up front he's the leader of the pack. Wideouts fear DBs trained by him and with good reason - he trains highly-effective DBs. But not just any DB - DAWGS.

Simply being "a DAWG" isn't enough. Being THAT DAWG is what it takes to go #D1 and stay there. The world of sports has changed for everyone but when we get back to it, you can be sure college coaches are prioritizing the acquisition of pure bred dawgs. It really doesn't matter if you play golf, #football, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, or row. #College coaches aren't going to put their jobs on-the-line for athletes who don't come in ready to eat.

This #NCAA scholarship game is all too real. And with COVID-19 financially breaking families by the second, playing a sport to earn a #tuitionfree college experience is going to be a path athletes and their families are forced to explore. Understanding where you are in the fight (recruiting process) right now is HUGE! Vic gives athletes steps they can take to improve their chances to go D1.

We discuss:

1. What you need to do TODAY to stay in (or jump into) the pack, the best way to get in front of college coaches if you attend a lowly recruited high school or live in a rarely recruited geography.

2. How your coach can help get you recruited.

3. Creating a plan and working the plan - as a family.

4. Moves to make if the college you chose isn't working for you.

5. Improving your chances of getting on the field.

6. Ranking systems ( , - Why athletes shouldn't rely on them (college coaches don't).

7. BEFORE transferring high schools or entering the NCAA Transfer Portal do this...

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