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Founding The Future of Division I

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

In a year that has done more taking than giving, founding a company for dreamers and future shapers has been no easy feat. As life has become more challenging for athletes on and off the field, our Founder gathered every single tool, resource and experience she had as the parent of a Division I athlete and poured them into The Future of D1 - a brand, sports content company and personal declaration fueling, igniting and inspiring amateur athletes and the people who support them in their pursuit of Division I scholarship opportunities.

The disruption of sports as we know it caused by the global pandemic has likely shifted the landscape of college recruiting forevermore. And with college admissions scandals being played out in court, we believe it is imperative we alleviate the desperation caused by the lack of public-facing information on college recruiting. The Future of D1 works to solve this problem by providing parents and their athletes with resources to improve their chances of playing college sports.

Parents, believe it or not, the Division I recruiting process starts with you. If your child's best path to college is through sports, and you're looking for insights, messaging and content to help you improve their chances of playing at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics (Division 1), we're here for you.

This video answers the 5Ws on The Future of D1 including our outlook on the future of college sports and why you should start preparing the recruiting process as early as possible.

We invite you join us everywhere we are. Our 2020 launches include the following:

Our Online Course:

"I believe athletics (no matter the sport) is a vehicle that can positively change the trajectory of a child's life and future. Anyone who is serious about leveraging their athletic talent into a scholarship opportunity, whether they're in the 4th, 6th grade or 9th grade, should start preparing for the college recruiting process today!", Askia Taylor shared in a recent interview about the launch of The Future of D1's first course, 'My Child Wants to Play College Sports. Where Do We Start?'.

Use promo code: IAMTHEFUTUREOFD1 to take the course for only $97 (a savings of $1,400). In this course, our Founder guides you through what the college recruiting process is, what you should be doing to improve your child's chances of playing college sports by grade, attracting college coaches, NCAA eligibility and so much more. As a bonus, you will also receive our 9th-12th Grade Academic Planning Guides to help athletes Stay on Track for NCAA Eligibility at no additional cost.

Our Podcast: Launched in April of 2020, The Future of Division 1 provides an unapologetic, behind-the-scenes look at all facets of the high stakes Division 1 recruiting process. We chat with, and about, athletes, their parents, coaches, trainers and the supporters assisting in their journey to go play a Division 1 sport. Find out what it takes to become the Future of Division 1 sports and find out why no two paths to a Division I scholarship are alike. Available on all platforms.

Our Brand: For the flyest, the fittest, the fastest and everyone in between. The Future of D1 curates limited-edition apparel collections for fans of high-quality athleisure. Featuring a modern, refreshed approach to athletic wardrobe staples, the collection lives at the intersection of sports, fashion and culture. Proudly made in the USA, eco-friendly and 100% sweatshop free. The collection will relaunch in the Spring of 2021 with their new infant and kid's collection launching late Fall 2020.

We have no plans of letting up. Don't you let up either. Keep your foot on the gas. No matter how grim the future may appear, remain steadfast in achieving your goal of representing the college of your dreams on the field, court, pool or floor. In it with you all the way.


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The Future of D1® is a brand, sports content company, social movement and personal declaration fueling, igniting and inspiring amateur athletes and the people who support them in their dream of playing college sports.  



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